About Me


My Writing

This book has been a work-in-progress since I was 12 years old - 31 years before the time I published it. This is a collection of my emotions, my reflections, my hopes, happiness and my disappointments throughout the course of my life (so far).

As times and my preferences have changed, so has the style in which I have capture my thoughts. This is a compilation of various styles of poetry, including couplets, modern haiku, narrative and free verse.


My Background

I am a working professional living in Northeast Pennsylvania with my two teenage sons. When I was younger, I wanted to be a high school English teacher, however, I took a different path that has been less focused on writing than I had planned.  I am finally getting back into it and am enjoying reading the work of our contemporary poets, as well as re-reading the classics.


Join My Journey

Please provide me with feedback along the way and share your ideas for new projects. I enjoy following other writers and providing support and encouragement to them as well.